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Measure your website’s visibility with Google Search Console

Use the data that Google makes available to you about your site. It’s very easy and doesn’t require a tracking code on your website. Google provides you with data that the company already has. Therefore, you do not have to obtain the consent of your website visitors for this measure.

Invest a little time proving your website ownership. You then have the opportunity, as a webmaster, to get an overview of relevant URLs and keywords. This is quite simple. Few measures give you access to a valuable tool.

Time needed to set up 1 hour.

Control the success of your website in Google search

  1. Register as a user on Google Search Console

    Sign in to the. With a Google account Google Search Console at. After you have scrolled down there a bit, click on “Start now”.Anmelden bei Google Search Console

  2. Register your domain as a property in the Google Search Console

    Enter your domain in the field under “Domain”. Use the following instructions to confirm that you own the website. This works either by uploading an HTML file to the root directory of your website or by a TXT entry at your domain level. Then an exam follows. After confirmation you can use the tools of the Google Search Console.

  3. Expect to wait several days

    It takes days after verification for Google Search Console to display the first results for your domain.

  4. Regularly check the statistics on the visibility of your website

    Google Search Console provides information on how visible your website is in search results. Check your statistics regularly and check how the visibility changes over time.

Questions and Answers: Google Search Console

Is Google Search Console the same as Google Analytics?

No. Google Search Console provides performance data for your website from a Google perspective. In contrast, Google Analytics collects statistical data from your website. Analytics directly analyzes the traffic to your website. You have to actively involve it. Data protection issues must be taken into account. Google Search Console doesn’t need a tracking script on your website. It doesn’t affect the privacy of your website visitors. Google Search Console is just an information portal on which you, as the website operator, can see who your web pages are doing in the search results from a Google perspective.

Which quantitative range data does Google Search Console provide?

The service reveals the number of impressions of your website in the Google search results. You can find out absolutely and as a percentage how often search results on your website were clicked on.

Which qualitative reach data does Google Search Console provide?

The tool lists the search queries that brought users to your website. You can find out what position your website is in on average in the search results. A function also provides you with the reach of a single URL or a specific keyword.

What additional information does Google Search Console provide?

If there are quality issues on your website, the service will inform you and help you troubleshoot. Google Search Console also informs the website owner about security deficiencies, such as malware. You can see how your content is covered by the search engine. You can see whether a sitemap was recorded by Google. You can also do a check and see if a certain URL has been indexed by Google or not. You can also check internal and external links to your website (s).

Do I have to get permission from my website visitors to use Google Search Console?

No, because you don’t have to install a tracking code on your website. Uploading an HTML file or, alternatively, creating a DNS TXT record is only used to check that you are the authorized owner of the website. This has no influence on the privacy of your website visitors. Therefore, you do not initiate any additional data processing by using Google Search Console. Google has your website’s performance data anyway. By using Google Search Console, you just get them.

How is Google Search Console used?

You should use GSC to work on your website. The platform is a central tool for your marketing. Optimizations work over a medium to long-term period. Try to improve the performance of your important subpages in the area of search engine optimization. You gain an overview of clicks, user-friendliness, display on mobile devices and other quality criteria. You can evaluate these pointers and benefit from them by improving your pages in each area. Eliminate errors, improve functions: the statistics make it easier to find content online.

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