One hour coaching call

150,00  inkl. ges. USt.

Online coaching call with Bernhard Jodeleit. Your coach Bernhard Jodeleit will help you in a one-hour live online coaching call with screen sharing or a phone call. It is important to me to support you. You can get advice for your business marketing or one or the other tip in the following areas, among others.


Digital strategy

Reach your target group better and win customers step by step. Would you like to develop your social media channels further and are you looking for a strategic exchange in coaching? I am happy to assist you individually. In the appointment, we will discuss your process with which you will win clients. Ask yourself what you want to achieve. We analyze your communication on the Internet especially for you. My job as a coach is to help you quickly and easily find people who are interested in your offers online within a short period of time.

Facebook Ads, Ads on other platforms

The optimization of digital campaigns including content is an essential thing in coaching. You benefit from my expertise in personal contact. The coaching develops a way to reach your desired customers more easily together in a timely manner. Let us work on your topic, for example, organize the thoughts in a conversation, and also work out steps that make most of the coachees fit with room for a plan for the next change process and then also for an appointment with customers. As your consultant, bookable in advance, I will support you in your situation with planning, creation, optimization and success control. That suits you. Do you think too? If you want to start your own business, but don’t trust yourself yet, you may find the answer in our coaching call. Both with Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Twitter ads. If your investment is the implementation of such campaigns, let us start soon.

WordPress websites

Do you have any questions about creating, operating or expanding and developing your WordPress website? Would you like support with the question of which articles to write there? I will give you concrete solutions. Regardless of whether it is design, content, functionality or security.

Online Coaching Call FAQ

Question Answer
What topics does your online coaching cover? Reach, lead generation and growth with the help of online marketing.
Is it a subscription? No. The Coaching Call can be booked once for a minimum duration of one hour.
Are you offering a free call? I do not offer free online coaching. Of course, there is nothing against a free get-to-know-you call. But in this context I do not offer any consulting.
How many hours of online coaching can I book and at what price? You can book as many hours as you like within my availability for the price of 150 EUR (incl. VAT).
Can we talk in advance? We can have a phone call. Let me know when you are available.
Is it important that I prepare myself? Preparing the online coaching properly is a prerequisite for its success.
Is the preparation for the online coaching included in the price? No. Of course, as soon as you tell me what it's about, I start thinking about it. I do not charge extra for this. However, if you think it is necessary for me to do preparatory research and analysis, please let me know. In that case I will make you an offer.
Should you receive any information from me before the online coaching? Yes. Please let me know where you stand and what topics you would like to address in our coaching call.
How do I start my online business? Get started in my growing number of courses.
Do I have to take your course to become a customer? Do I have to take your course to become a customer?
Are there topics that don't fit into the one hour of coaching? Good question. My tip: Use my course section for detailed questions. You can always contact me with requests, maybe I'll pick up your topic and explain it in a how-to.
What topics do you deal with in your work? I spend much of my time providing strategic and operational support to companies in the areas of outreach, lead generation and growth. I work as a digital strategist in my main job.
Setting up my own business - can you support me? If you need assistance with lead generation outreach, I can certainly help.
What benefit to my work do coaches like you provide? In online coaching, you learn how to build your online business independently. Instead of outsourcing, you can take on numerous tasks yourself. In this way, you save a lot of costs for online marketing measures in the end.
Which group exactly is your coaching aimed at? My coaching offer is aimed at both aspiring and established self-employed professionals as well as employees whose tasks include planning, implementing and optimizing campaigns in online marketing.
I use a certain software, do you think it has value and brings the desired success? I am very interested in Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings, i.e. cloud solutions. Feel free to ask if I have an assessment of the software you use.
Can you also support me in the coaching sessions to build a sales page? Sales pages and landing pages are among my areas of expertise.
Is it important to formulate a positioning? Your positioning is the core of your strategy. It defines how you want to be seen by interested parties. It opens up the development of your products and services.
Can you imagine running the campaigns for me as well? My customers in the operational area mainly include larger companies with corresponding structures that consciously want to use external resources. If this applies to your company, it's basically a possibility.
Is online coaching a purely virtual conversation? Coaching takes place online or by phone.
Are you really an expert, with the capabilities to give me support here? I have more than 10 years in planning and implementing digital strategies.
Why did you want to become self-employed? After years in management roles in the media and agency industry, I no longer wanted to commit myself so strongly to the position of purely superior strategist. It was important to me to accompany people directly and to have more time for personal contact with my customers.
Are you the right coach for me? If you want to work independently and are basically willing to deal with innovative strategies in the digital sector, then this could be a good fit. Ultimately, we will find out in personal contact whether we are a coaching match or not.
Can I reach you by mail? Of course.
Can I write to you via WhatsApp? Absolutely.
Are there topics you don't cover in online coaching? Anything that goes in the direction of cold outreach or seems spammy is not my topic. This includes, for example, sending countless contact requests in business networks. There are coaches who recommend such approaches, but I reject them.
How is it easy to be successful in the short term and in the long term? The key to short-, medium- and long-term success is the sensible combination of organic measures (above all: building content) as well as active tactics (networking, paid ads, posts on social networks).
Which communication channels do we use for our work? As a client, I offer you personal live video calls on your preferred platform with screen sharing, where we discuss your topics. In addition, when we speak, we take advantage of screensharing for our coaching sessions. This is the best way for me to support you and develop solutions with you.
Can I also book one hour and split that over several personal appointments? Yes, that is possible.
I have another concern. Let me know what I can do for you.

Bernhard Jodeleit
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