Sketch: Person with many tools for online reach

Reach is the fuel for all your online marketing activities. In this lesson you will learn

  • the measures you take to become better known online
  • which three different packages of measures contribute to increasing your reach
  • How you can sensibly plan measures from these three packages, coordinate them on the timeline, monitor their success and finally use them to win more prospects and customers.

In the first step, we take a look at which platforms exist. Then we look from a higher-level, strategic perspective, with what effort, what opportunities and risks you can present yourself there. Finally, you will receive very specific information about tools that you can use. I will tell you what you need to consider, what it costs, how much time you should expect and in which order you use which levers in order to become visible on the Internet and on social media platforms.

You will learn how to continuously expand your reach on the web while also improving your reputation and positioning as an expert. This is important. Because your goal should be not to bend yourself. If you know your positioning and know how to address topics in the short, medium and long term and make yourself visible, you have an advantage: You don’t have to listen to supposedly good advice that leads you in the wrong, driven direction.

The three areas of action that I will present to you in great detail as part of this course are:

  1. your own website
  2. networking activities
  3. paid advertisements
Sketch: Person with many tools for online reach
Sketch: Person with many tools for online reach


Bernhard Jodeleit
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