Sketch: working on your own website

Action area 1: Your own website

Your own website should usually be the core of your strategy for more reach. Because only it gives you full control over your so-called funnel (more on that later). Your own website allows you to make sustainable investments into your online reach.

In contrast to social networks, it offers you all options for more reach at once:

  • Use social media platforms and their advertising features. Thus, gain visitors. Also use advertisements such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads for short-term website traffic.
  • Medium and long-term reach: The time and attention you devote to your own website pays. It delivers organic visibility. Over time your quality content will be visible in the results of search engines such as Google, Bing et al. The more time and attention you put in, the more visible you become. It’s different with social networks. What you publish on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook has only a very short half-life in terms of organic findability.
  • An e-mail distribution list profits from the organic reach. If you manage to turn website visitors into interested contacts also known as “leads”, then you have the opportunity get in touch with these people. You can bring your expertise and helpful offersW into the e-mail inboxes of these people. Social networks don’t offer you that either.

From my point of view, your own website is the nucleus. , within the “Reach” lesson, I make suggestions. I name tools that you can use to ensure that your website increases its reach over time.

I assure you, based on my own experiences, that the organic website reach is not a minor matter. For example, my own agency website plays a very important role for me:

1.3 million impressions in Google search
around 23,000 visitors

for in 2020

In 2020, my agency website showed up 1.3 million times in Google search results (excluding image search). Around 23,000 website visitors came from Google search. These people found my content while googling. They clicked on the respective search result and visited my agency homepage. This is a significant consideration and benefit for my business.

So you see: Investing in your own website is worthwhile.

Sketch: working on your own website
Your own website: the nucleus of the reach strategy for online business
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